The Chet Culver Group

Chet Culver has focused on results his entire career. Under Governor Culver’s leadership as Iowa’s 40th Governor, Iowa was recognized as one of the “Best Run States in America.” Culver successfully managed a $6 billion dollar annual budget, improved the state’s bond rating to AAA, and worked to secure $5 billion dollars in federal and state funds to help Iowa recover from the worst natural disaster in state history.

With his deep experience in fields such as renewable energy and infrastructure, Culver formed The Chet Culver Group to work with individuals and public and private sector entities to provide strategic consulting, cut through red tape and promote cutting-edge ideas that will move the country forward.

As past Chairman of the Governors Wind Energy Coalition and Governors Biofuels Coalition, Culver understands it is critical to work across party lines to address pressing challenges facing our country.

Culver’s focus on clean energy and determination to bring new, innovative industries to Iowa has led to impressive results. Under Governor Culver, Iowa moved to 1st in the world per capita in use of renewable energy, increasing its use from 5% to 20% in just four years. Focusing on job creation and public-private partnerships, Forbes magazine ranked Iowa under Culver the “No. 1 place in America for businesses and careers and CNBC said Iowa was one of the “Top States for Business.”

With more than a decade of executive office experience, and extensive work with governments and executives across the globe, The Chet Culver Group strives to service our clients by finding strategic solutions to solve their complex challenges.